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Whether you are just starting out or have been a martial artist for some time, we have content that can help you grow.

Season 1 -

Learn how to utilize movements from various self-defense possibilities.

Season 1
Whip & Lash


In season one, students will learn the “12 Steps of Power”, which teaches to relax the body in order to alleviate problems from old injuries, aches and pains.

They will also learn how to generate power  throughout the body utilizing Bagua mechanics including:

Season 2 -

Whether you are just starting out or have been a creative professional for some time, we have content that can help.

Season 2
Season Of The Circle


In season two students will learn the Outline of Power or “Circle Walking.” This will:
They will learn training methods to increase strength and power in order to prevent possible future injuries or sickness.

Season 3 -
In Process

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Season 3
Way of the Healing Water


Use flow to heal yourselves and build coordination for preventing strain on your body. Once you learn how to move in flow, you will be able to think in flow. 

In this season, you will learn the first 8 movements of water section also known as, “The Way of the Hands.” In combat terms, it is a the techniques for hand and joint manipulation.

We will also be looking at the 28 movements of the “fist of no extremes,” which emphasis healing, generation, power, and youthfulness.

Season 3 leads the ability for the Mountain Palm continued movements and begin mastering the 64 palms.

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These writings are the beacons of famous artists in an available format for English martial arts learners.

Stories that have been published and now made more accessible to the general martial arts public in digital format.

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